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Software Development Services for Startups

Assessment, Roadmap and
Software Architecture Development

Prototyping, workflow
modeling and design

Front End, UI
and UX services

Mobile & Web
App Development

SAAS and Cloud
Solutions Development

Software Quality
Assurance & Testing

Application Maintenance
and Support

Promoting your product
through online marketing

Get a ROI from your idea!

At Clarisoft Technologies we offer full support to small business companies and established startups that want to accelerate innovation within their companies through software development. And because your business is custom, of course, you need custom solutions!

We are fully aware of the challenges that startups and small business face and we love embracing new challenges. Tackling fast-growing markets it may not seem an easy task, while you need to develop your product, scale rapidly and accelerate time-to-market at the same time.

Who are we to help you?

Clarisoft Technologies has more than 14 years of experience in helping small business increase revenue by up to 500% and receive substantial investments that will sustain their expansion to market.

Just a few of our successful startup-growth stories:

Successful StartupsDevelopers of customers' success.

Livongo acquires EOS Health and receives $3M in funding.
Livongo receives $8.2M investment.
Livongo receives $8.2M investment.
Broadsoft acquires Leonid systems.
Livongo receives $20M investment.
PetHealth Inc. acquires Vestafy.
PushModels increase revenue by 310% and makes it in to Inc 5000.
Livongo receives $49.5M investment.
Livongo receives $52M investment.
Startup customer has over $1M in revenue.
Saas provider is acquired by another company.

We are an US-based software development company, with headquarters in New York and Arizona, that made it to the Inc 5000 List for three consecutive years. We work with a highly-skilled team of developers, testers and project manager based in Bucharest, Romania, the 3rd most attractive country for software outsourcing in the world.

Flexible business models for small companies

As a startup company you must have a tremendous need for speed, this is why our flexible Agile Methodology makes it possible for a never-before-developed product to take shape and adjust to true market needs in real time. You will get complete visibility of the project’s progress and timescales, at a predictable (and where possible, fixed) price.

Research & development

Research & development

Technology expertise to discover obstacles and IT solutions for your startup product, R&D tasks to prove the concept.

Minimum viable product (MVP)

Minimum viable product (MVP)

Software development and prototyping to deliver your product to market as soon as possible

Product design and development

Product design and development

Full-stack software product development, from design, testing, to deployment and maintenance

Launch to market

Launch to market

Support your launch to market with consultancy and online marketing campaigns

If you already have a bunch of developers on your time and you need additional resources, we can offer our dedicated development teams service, to add the much-need additional resources to accelerate innovation and speed up time-to-market.

Benefits of outsourcing software development for startups

Faster time-to-market

Reduced hiring and
onboarding costs

Access to a more
diverse talent pool

Boosted efficiency
and innovation

Cross-learning opportunities

Reduced product
development costs

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