Our partners’ acknowledgments make us proud of our work.

Kimon Angelide Chief Executive Officer, EOS Health

“We have been in the business of healthcare information technology and informatics and have had the opportunity to work with many groups over the years. We have found the group and people at Clairisoft Technologies to be outstanding both in the quality of the work that they do and in their ability to communicate and understand details of what we want. Moreover, these days when there are many “developers” to choose from we have found the people at Clairisoft to be incredibly honest, forthright, transparent, and patient to best understand our needs and accommodate what we want. Their work is of very high quality. There is nothing hidden in what they say, do, or deliver. We are very pleased to have found them and will continue to work with them on all of our projects.”

Jonathan Sacks Partner and CEO of Push Agency

“Clarisoft Technologies is an incredible partner and I only have amazing things to say about them… so here I go. They are dependable, skilled, creative, innovative, trustworthy and above all they care about their customers more than any other programming company we have worked with. Prior to signing with Bogdan and his team we would outsource to companies in India to save on costs… Finding a resource such as Clarisoft with a real presence in the US has proven to be a much better solution for us. YES, it may be a little more money but it is worth EVERY Dollar to know that your project is in good hands and you’re dealing with a reputable company. I can honestly say I couldn’t have picked a better group to run our software development. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Clarisoft if given the opportunity. You are welcome to contact me with any questions that you may have. Good Luck.”

Michael McGrath

“We’ve done several projects with Clarisoft over the past three years, and won’t do business with any other company. We’re in the industry ourselves, and we’ve had a great deal of experience with developers over the past decade. Many developers simply do as instructed and nothing more. Clarisoft takes intellectual ownership of a project, thinks critically about it, wraps its brain around it completely. It’s more a collaboration, and the end product is better for it – professional, timely, thorough. That’s what separates Clarisoft from the others for us, and why we work with them.”

Mark Igo President, ActionPak Marketing Services Inc.

“Clarisoft continues to provide us with first class web development services. I have found their team to be very responsive to our needs. Not only do they provide quality programming but they are also a very valuable resource for developing strategies that make our websites more dynamic and user friendly.”

Kyle Gregory COO, Shoestring Creative Group

“Shoestring Creative Group exclusively serves national nonprofit clients with marketing communication services. We needed a strong technology partner to deliver affordable and reliable web development services for our client base. We found that Clarisoft meets our needs and our client’s needs for web development. Their team also offers exceptionally strong customer service and project direction.”

Dan Grosz Vice President of Information Systems, VIP Parts, Tires & Service

“We are very pleased with the work Clarisoft has done for us on a mission critical project. Their work is competent, timely, and very cost effective. I have no hesitation in recommending Bogdan and his team for outsourced IT work.”

Phil McKeown McKeown Marketing

“Bogdan, Tyler and the entire team at Clarisoft are great to work with. I’ve had experience working with in-house, off-shore and now what I like to call “hybrid” developers and development teams. There are pros and cons to each, and Clarisoft’s “hybrid” approach includes the best from both. As a virtual professional myself, it’s more important who I’m working with than where they sit. Clarisoft’s team both in the US and abroad are responsive, professional, ethical and just great to work with in general. I recommend Clarisoft to anyone looking for a great development partner.”

Fred van der Neut Chief Executive Officer, Unotifi

“They are very creative and continually challenged me with new ideas. They are easy to work with – very organized. With my previous company I outsourced the development work to a firm in India without much success. The big difference with Bogdan’s team is they think in the same terms as Americans and Europeans and offer alternate and creative ideas that we did not think of. I have found them to be extremely honest with no hidden agendas. To be honest I cannot say enough good things about them. I know this may sound a little over the top, but having dealt with a number of development companies Clarisoft beats them all hands down. If I had to do it again I would choose them.”

John Sallot Director of Marketing, Desert Botanical Garden

“We are always looking for ways to incorporate technology into the Desert Botanical Garden experience and when Clarisoft presented the opportunity to develop experience based app, we jumped at the chance. Their team dedicated a lot of time meeting with members of the various departments to learn what we needed and came back with a great concept and execution plan. After a lot of hard work the Garden now has a new amenity that enhances the visitor’s experience and allows them to take their visit home with them. I would highly recommend working with Clarisoft for projects of this nature.“

Steven Saul Owner and CEO of PC Diagnostics

“The software that we wanted to develop was complex, and we needed a highly committed, trustworthy and reliable offshore company. Despite the complexity, deadlines are being met on this initiative and the team continues to maintain requisite quality. I appreciate the hardworking Clarisoft team; they continue to make me feel that they are an extension of my company.”

Lynn Thompson Special Projects Consultant, Maine Crafts Association

“Working with you and your Clarisoft team on the Maine Crafts Association’s new website was a rewarding experience. After several months of delays and misunderstandings with another web developer, it was refreshing to work with a team of professionals. Your work was always accurate and executed in a timely manner. We really appreciated your quick response to solving problems and friendly, polite service. Ours was not an easy project, encompassing a number of complex interactive functions, but your team guided us through the process to a successful completion. Thank you for working with us to create the most up-to-date, interactive, and user-friendly website for our organization.”

Dr. Jorn Kranigk Project Manager, Bergdata Biometrics GmbH

“Bergdata is very satisfied with the software development outsourcing services from Clarisoft Technologies. Relationship between price and result is very good, also the after-delivery service of warranty period and possibility of maintenance for fair conditions. The project documents are complete and easy to understand. We agree to use the projects for Bergdata as reference.”

Anthony Newkirk Mobile Nations

“We engaged with Clarisoft Technologies for development and offshore staff augmentation. Their team is well qualified and has an incredible level of professionalism. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to expand in-house capabilities with their very capable staff.”

Stephanie F. Business Front Media

“I am so impressed… thanks so much, this is going to be a great asset for us and the owners. I really appreciate it.”

Ryan Currier Switchboard Medical

“Great partnership with Clarisoft Technologies. They walked us through the process of application development and built a great product. Their expertise and experience has been invaluable in meetings with our clients. Clarisoft really is an extension of our company and much more valuable than simply a development team.”

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