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Creative business solutions, not just coding.

IT outsourcing companyClarisoft Technologies is a US-based software outsourcing company that helps businesses manage complex, long-term software projects by providing dedicated teams and services located in Eastern Europe, Romania. We are a one-stop provider of full-cycle software development, equipped to handle the end-to-end delivery of mid- to large-scale projects that span multiple technologies and disciplines.

We offer all the advantages of outsourcing in the Balkans, like extremely competitive rates and high-quality code, allowing you to save up to 60% of your development costs. Also, we have a transparent rate & cost structure and with us, you have the timeline guaranteed. We offer to our new customers three months introductory rates, with a discount up to 30%.

Get 85% retention rate with our dedicated teams of innovation-oriented experts.

Our hand-picked, dedicated experts are based in Romania (European Union), the 3rd most attractive country for software outsourcing with a large pool of developers with big scores on higher education training. Highly-skilled and motivated, with BA and MA degrees obtained in top Eastern European Universities, proficient in English and good communicators, Romanian developers are innovation-oriented and ready to invest all their know-how into your projects.

Based on your specific needs, we can offer the expertise of our software engineers, programmers, analysts, designers, software testers, projects managers, and marketers. You will be able to collaborate with Clarisoft to choose the people that fit the best into your project. Some have worked on very large projects for Cisco, Broadsoft, United Nations; so they are used with complex domains while maintaining good processes needed to create enterprise level platforms. Usually we are trying to work with the customer’s processes and in the end, through feedback, these processes become a collaboration between us and the client, with larger customers having more prescribed processes and less flexibility. This allowed us to obtain 85%+ average retention in the last three years.

What are dedicated teams?

focusEmployees of a partner company that focus on only one project at a time, giving the client full priority and control.
collaborationThey have a tight collaboration with the client’s developers, testers, and project managers.


Through our dedicated development teams, we enable leading and emerging software companies to develop high-end IT solutions for their businesses.

Designers Designers
Software Testers Software Testers
Software Engineers & Programmers Software Engineers & Programmers
Project Managers Project Managers
Marketers Marketers

Hire highly-skilled European developers, vetted in the latest programming technologies.

Our developers are experts in the most commonly used programming languages and frameworks. With over 50 programmers on staff, you can choose the developers according to their master programming skills. Clarisoft Technologies offers you the opportunity to hire developers with expertise in Microsoft.NET, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP, Java, Python, Perl, C++, iOS, Android, and more!



microsoft dot net

node js




react js

react js

angular js


dedicated development team

Why are dedicated teams a great solution for your company?

saveYou save:
Time & resources to recruit specialistsTime & resources to recruit specialists
Cost of hiring in-house teamsCost of hiring in-house teams
Workflow lagsWorkflow lags
gainYou gain:
Top experts on demandTop experts on demand
Cut costs up to 60%Offshore teams at a fraction of the cost
Scalable teamScalable team
Continuous & transparent workflowContinuous & transparent workflow

Advantages of working with Clarisoft’s dedicated teams.


  • Work side by side with your team members.
  • Enable your company to have a flexible workforce depending on the project requirements.
  • Retain full control over product development.
  • Fixed monthly cost without additional expenditures.
  • Benefit from experts trained in the most up-to-date technology, without the expense of hiring full-time employees.
  • Control over human and technical resources throughout the duration of the project.
  • Select individual members of the team.
  • Adjustable working hours to suit your operations.
  • Seamless integration of offshore developers into your team.
  • Retain all intellectual property rights.
  • Non disclosure agreements and guaranteed security of your data.

Choose the type of service that best fits your needs.

Extended expertise pool:
extended expertise pool
  • Domain and niche technology experts engaged on demand.
  • Constant system updates, implementation of the latest technologies.
  • Specific task-solving on demand.
  • Technology solutions to business problems.
Full-service teams:
full-service teams
  • Hand-picked experts adequate for your specific project needs.
  • Profound understanding of the project requirements.
  • Streamlined communication.
  • Dedicated working environment.
  • Team scalability.
  • Agile Methodology and full visibility of the project progress.

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