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We build the next generation CRM for auto-dealers.

next generation CRM

At Clarisoft Technologies we offer custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions for the automotive industry, tailored to automate internal processes and improve customer retention & satisfaction.

For 15+ years we have built proprietary technologies and software systems delivered to the automotive industry as Software as a Service (SAAS). We have helped auto dealers trade smarter, offering custom systems that fully integrate marketing, sales, service and back-office operations in order to give them a powerful tool to serve the next generation of digitally-connected customers.

How a custom CRM can serve your business.

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Our clients from the automotive industry scaled up successfully .

Save time, trouble and money with a customized software platform.

The auto-industry is dependent on customers relations, as clients return to their dealers for help with car troubles. While they want their services on budget and on time, you must respond to their needs in the best manners possible, using their most preferred channels at the right moment in time.

A custom CRM software can help you send regular updates to customers, encouraging regular use of your service and maintenance options. It lets you inform your customers about manufacturer updates, special offers, and more, as well as building databases of leads and prospective customers.

Automotive CRM software can also assist you in determining what marketing channels and strategies work best for improving your sales, allowing you to keep the campaigns that produce results and cut those that don’t.

Also, through automation, all you internal operations will become paperless, allowing you to save time, human resources and money.

Get a fully functional, multiplatform CRM system.

Custom CRM

Mobile app

Desktop app

Support and maintenance

All the features that dealers and customers need.

for dealers and customers

For dealers

  • collection of customers data and history
  • integration with all major DMS and third-party data providers
  • integration with online marketing providers
  • lead tracking
  • build marketing campaigns (mobile alerts programme, e-mail marketing, special offers, periodical)
  • schedule customers’ service visits for the periodical maintenance or inspection
  • integrated analytics reports to improve sales and marketing activities
  • connect together an entire family of dealerships and service centers for a centralized management

For customers

Free access to a multi-platform customers portal where they can:

  • access their car service history of repair orders
  • manage appointments
  • receive coupons and special offers
  • access fidelity points
  • refer friends

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