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Welcome to your vehicle page

uNotifi is an automotive marketing company that provides an integrated technology retention and loyalty solution that effectively manages a service center’s current customer base and communications to help the automotive service industry increase customer retention, increase profits, and reduce unproductive inbound call volume.

Insights from uNotifi-Clarisoft long-term partnership.

The partnership between Clarisoft and uNotifi dates back in 2011. Powered by Clarisoft software, in November, uNotifi introduced its fully integrated system, and launched its industry standard-setting Communicator text messaging platform a few months later.

Clarisoft helped uNotifi become a pioneer in Mobile Relationship Marketing. Through the years, uNotifi continued to introduce CRM tools like Mobile Alerts and its Service Business Development Center program that deliver more sales and higher customer satisfaction levels. Through texting and service BDC opportunities, uNotifi application helps automotive dealers retain more customers and grow their business.

Since their kick-off start, uNotifi gained 60 new dealers, 30 of them in the last year. As their business scaled powered by our software, our team of dedicated developers for uNotifi grew from two people, to a group of eight.

Thanks to the proprietary technology developed by Clarisoft, nowadays uNotifi is one of the most advanced customer retention and mobile relationship management service for the automotive industry.

The uNotifi innovative solution powered by Clarisoft looks at the customer’s behavior and thrives customer’s engagement with each marketing channel. As an example, if a customer does not engage with email, then they will not be send another email. Instead, uNotifi creates a daily work plan where dealers can call and text their customers. One of the benefits is reduced unwanted inbound service calls.


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Clarisoft Technologies created for uNotifi a software system delivered as Software as a Service (SAAS). It functions as a vertically integrated messaging platform for auto dealers that utilizes proprietary technologies to improve one-on-one customer relationships in order to achieve increased customer retention and loyalty.

For dealers:

The desktop app, named Communicator, allows auto-dealers to create SMS and email marketing campaigns directed to their customers. Based on the informations provided by the dealers the software allows creating any type of marketing campaign.

The uNotifi Mobile Alerts and Communicator services allow a dealer to take their service and sales philosophy into the digital and mobile era. Basically, the system allows to create any type of campaign based on the information provided by dealers.

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Campaigns that alert customers to come to service for the periodical maintenance or inspection.


Dealers send appointment reminders, take customer satisfaction campaigns and surveys.

mobile alerts

Mobile Alerts program, developed by Clarisoft knows when customers are in for service and sends them personalized text messages, in real time.


For customers:

Clarisoft created a separate portal for customers where they can view their vehicles, the history of their repairs orders, they can make appointments, they can check their points gained for the repairs they conducted.

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Car Service History


Manage Appointments

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Receive Coupons And Special Offers

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Access Fidelity Points

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Refer Friends

Additional Services.

support for design and marketing requests create layouts for marketing campaigns, elaborate press releases

Clarisoft also offers uNotifi supports for design and marketing requests. Clarisoft designers and marketers are in charge of creating layouts for their marketing campaigns or elaborating press releases used to promote uNotifi achievements and products.

How do we work.

Our dedicated teams’ work for uNotifi is configured after a tracking system that allows developers to respond to server requests and to address issues on demand. The client, uNotifi, adds new request according to their needs, and the team solves them in due time. There are also two weekly meetings in which Clarisoft and uNotifi establish jointly the priorities, and monitor the advancement of the development processes. Clarisoft offers continuous support to older functionalities of the system and is in charge of developing new features and keeping the system up to date.



They are very creative and continually challenged me with new ideas. They are easy to work with – very organized. I have found them to be extremely honest with no hidden agendas. I know this may sound a little over the top, but having dealt with a number of development companies Clarisoft beats them all hands down. If I had to do it again I would choose them.

Fred van der Neut, CEO of uNotifi