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Code like a rocket scientist, party like a rockstar!

Choose the perfect work-life balance scenario by joining Clarisoft Technologies, in downtown Bucharest.

Get into the software outsourcing industry and bound with our team of open-minded and open-hearted people while working on exciting projects.

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Better know what to expect!


After you applied to the job from our website or from other job website, if your CV is a match for our position, our HR manager will ask you to come for an interview, by phone or by mail.

At the end of the interview you will be asked to complete a logic test. In a few days time you will receive a response from our HR. If the response is positive, you will also receive a salary offer and a framing that matches your job title.

We are not fans of the many-rounds interviews. Basically, it is an one and only interview you will be invited to at Clarisoft. This will be a technical interview. In general, the interview will be conducted by two experienced developers or team leaders with expertise in the domain you applied for. The interview will address not only your theoretical knowledge, but also your practical skills and your proven experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have too much experience - we also value proven potential, offering you the chance to kick-start your career alongside more experienced colleagues.

Working at Clarisoft

Friendly colleagues

Working at Clarisoft is fun. No, not just saying so. Your colleagues will become in no time your best friends and you’ll be hanging together often.

No mad bosses

We don’t have bosses here. Just coordinators that don’t have a bossy attitude and who, most likely, will become your beer mates.

Flexible schedule

Working at Clarisoft means that you have maximum flexibility in making your own daily schedule - no stress about fixed hours!


Means taking FIFA and ping-pong breaks when you feel like at the office, playing football after hours and attending team buildings.

City center

You will spend less time commuting, because our offices are lcoated in the center of Victoriei Square, just 1 minute walk from the metro station.

Code enthusiast

Here people are passionate and responsible about their code. They are invited to come with creative ideas to solve business software problems.

New skills

You can shape your career path as you wish, learning new technologies and working on various projects or focusing on a single one.

Rewarding work

Working at Clarisoft is of course, not just fun, but work. But a work that you will find bearable and that will bring you satisfaction.


  • Truly flexible schedule - for both early birds and night owls.
  • Private Medical Insurance at Regina Maria.
  • Career Ladder Plan with well defined requirements.
  • Relaxation & games room with Xbox and ping-pong table (and other PC games).
  • Up to four team buildings during a year, covered entirely by Clarisoft.
  • Booze nights & weekend fun activities with the colleagues.