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About PetHealth.

Pethealth Inc. is an international leader in the provision of animal management software, RFID microchip identification, database related services for companion animals, and pet health insurance operating in North America and the United Kingdom. More recently, the Company has become a leading provider of pet pharmacy and pet specialty retail products to pet owners in the United Kingdom.

About Vestafy.

Vestafy is a sheltering software and services provider offered by Pethealth, Inc and developed by Clarisoft Technologies. It is dedicated to increasing the ease, efficiency and effectiveness of the animal welfare community through advanced technology. Vestafy comes with a customized management solution that provides full data access and enables animal control agencies and humane societies to focus their time and resources to save animal’s life.

The software that keeps pets happy and clients satisfied.

On May 21, 2015 Pethealth, Inc. announced their acquisition of Vestafy, a workflow management software product designed in Scottsdale, Arizona to serve the animal welfare industry.

Clarisoft had the opportunity to be the lead software development team for Vestafy, developing their entire software platform. After surviving the entirely enjoyable phases of software development, Vestafy was able to deliver an extraordinary healthcare product to their clients, which end up in absolute success.

With the combination of Pethealth and Vestafy, and thank to Clarisoft’s workflow management software product, pets everywhere will be getting even more attention from their humans to satisfy their needs.


Vestafy is the first Workflow Management Software in for the animal welfare field. It will surpass modular management software by providing unmatched flexibility, Vestafy allows each organization to customize the screens, workflows, and reports to directly match their operational processes and procedures. The application enables Shelters to customize every piece of the application so it matches their current and future business process without the need for custom development.

Vestafy comes pre-configured for the following functions


This is the inventory management function of the system—how animals enter the shelter (Owner Surrender, Stray, etc.) and exit the shelter (Adoption, Return, Euthanasia etc.)

Animal Photos/Videos

Used to document abuse or to promote the animal for adoption. Video can be linked to


Ability to record behavior evaluations and develop training plans.

Microchip Registration

Provide upload functionality to register new owners with all microchip service providers.

Pet Request

Ability to take specific requests for animals for adoption. Example: someone looking for a German Shepard, under one-year old.

Online Lost/Found

This is a live feed of stray pets.

Bite/Cruelty Investigation

Manage ongoing investigations with officer, suspect and victim details.

Equipment Rental

Inventory management of equipment that is rented by the public to trap animals on their own.

Animal Profile

Detailed description of the animal.


Ability to record medical exams, treatments, and to-do list for ongoing care.

Foster Care

Ability to manage animals that are still in the care of the shelter but are physically at volunteers’ homes.


Ability to take lost and found animal reports plus match lost reports to found report and animals in the building.

Online Pet Adoption

This is a live feed of pet available for adoption to be posted on organizations’ websites, plus national adoption portals like and

Billing/Point of Service Transactions

Processing fees charged for services and products collected at the shelter, including credit card integration.

Field Services/Dispatch

Management of public requests that trigger field staff to respond, with the ability to create and manage those cases, track vehicle routing and staff case load. Can be tied to an intake and/or Investigation.

Pet Licensing

Management of a dog license program; includes the initial sales, assigning of tags and the renewal process.

Support is included in the annual licensing of the software, which includes consultation on setup and configuration, administrator training and technical assistance. In addition, we can provide the following direct services:

vestafy print screen

Custom Software and Reports Development

Administrators can configure software and create reports, but organizations can also choose to outsource that function to Vestafy.

Data Conversion

Vestafy staff can collaborate with the organization to transfer data from legacy applications into Vestafy.

Integration Development

Vestafy includes standard APIs to support online adoption and lost & found, microchip registration, and custom reporting. Vestafy offers the opportunity to build custom APIs to other software to provide seamless integration. This includes systems for unified call centers, finance, donor and volunteer management.

In addition to these services, Vestafy can support larger technology initiatives with more advanced services like: Data Review and Cleanup, Process Improvement Consulting and Technology Project Management.


The core of the application lies within the workflows created and used by shelters in order to perform the critical day to day business operations like Intakes, Adoptions, Medical Controls etc.

In order to set up a new workflow the user has to perform 3 basic intuitive actions:

  • Search Rectritions (literally anything related to Animal / Patron / Medical / etc.)
  • Permissions based on roles
  • Payment
  • Items (from T-Shirts to Medical Items / Surgeries / etc.)
  • Correlate Fields
  • Document/Photo Storage
  • Connect forms to auto-populate data from existing entries
  • Automatically change field data based on set conditions

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Development Methodology.

The methodology used in the development process is Agile Scrum, with a 3 week bilateral agreed cycle.

The development team is composed of participants from both parties as it follows:

software engineers Software Engineersqa analysts QA Analystsproject manager Project Manager
product owner Product Ownerbusiness analyst Business Analystengagement consultant Engagement Consultant


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